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New position of women Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

New situation of ladies - Essay Example It was a significant pity on the ladies inferable from this take. As investigates demonstrate, the ladies would now be able to murmur in alleviation on account of switched conclusions that are springing up. Indeed, numerous who some time ago had a disparate supposition about ladies and employments that they attempt by one way or another grasp them. Their origination about men as Hanna Rosin watched was delineating them as people who are quick and with solidarity to oversee deficient assets with a sole explanation of boosting the economy. Actually, ladies were viewed as those that are modified to think about their families or basically to state, they were bound to home life. The previous is in the process to be put under control and be discarded for even the individuals who accepted that male strength existed accept once more that their matchless quality is at this point gone. Another look which is quick ascending since 1970 is about the new situation of ladies in the general public e verywhere in this contemporary society. The changing mankind's history is at an extremely rapid as exploration demonstrates. The speed at which the move is occurring is somewhat stunning with an away from on the qualities of the rising lady in a manner of speaking. The impact isn't just knowledgeable about a solitary piece of the world yet additionally in completely all pieces of the globe. As Hanna Rosin, the creator has recognized through her careful examination, in Korea, for example male inclination does not exist anymore. Additionally, the equivalent is showed in China and India that are viewed as nations that are quickly industrializing. Presently viewing men, ladies and instruction with an expectation of looking into their degrees of progression, ladies will at present take an extraordinary lead, something that characterizes their new situation in the public arena. The author’s research has distinguished reality behind this, and how female understudies rule proficient schools just as universities, where they rival the male understudies consequently exceeding them regarding degrees that they hold after their investigations. In actuality, she has made it plain that the proportion of male to female who get their Bachelor of Arts (BA) in their places of study is a few. To this I second and concur with. In this manner, it is presently apparent that male people are falling behind the female ones in school. Furthermore, their situations in class work additionally show how brilliant they are over the male understudies. As the ongoing exploration demonstrates, there are numerous resources that people seek after of which ladies command the greater part of them with an exemption of those associated with designing and software engineering. In any event, for that, ladies are still at the front as men fall behind at an extensive separation. Another issue that uncovered men as people who haul behind the achievement of ladies is work. In the ongoing past as prio r demonstrated, ladies were not considered as the individuals who could remain to be supervisors in any organization. Today, it isn't phenomenal to see them oversee organizations entitled huge situations in well paying employments. I agree with Hanna Rosin upon the notice of fifteen employment classes that are accessible to date with the ladies starting to lead the pack in them all separated from only two. The two she makes reference to as those identified with building and software engineering as had been uncovered before. The rest are fundamentally involved by the female

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The Character of Carol Kennicott in Main Street Essay example -- Main

The Character of Carol Kennicott in Main Street The hero in this story is Carol Kennicott. She is a young lady going to school in St. Paul Minnesota. She needs to head off to some place in her life. She has gone out and gotten an advanced degree with the goal that she won’t must be a house spouse. She has a cordial character and is consistently attempting to change the things around her. She meets a man named William Kennicott. They begin to look all starry eyed at and move to the modest community of Gopher Prairie. While there Carol attempts to change her home, just as the entirety of different structures around. Ditty is distinguished as the hero on the grounds that she’s the principle character and she has a contention to survive. Section 2 The opponent in this story is Carol’s character. She is continually attempting to remain in affection with William, and yet she can’t stand the idea of living in a humble community where the individuals don’t change. It’s critical to the enemy that she change the world each little network in turn. The entirety of the endeavors made via Carol are disappointments in light of the fact that she’s moving unreasonably quick for the residents of Gopher Prairie. Passage 3 The contention in this story is best depicted as Carol versus Herself. Song needs to love Will and be a faithful spouse. She needs to cherish his mom and be a mother herself. Song has the craving and eagerness to remain with Will, and yet the idea of changing the town and not adjusting to their ways is constantly embedded in her psyche. Hymn needs to change the town to a progressively contemporary time. She has consistently had this idea, in any event, during her stay at school. The explanation she went to school is so she wouldn’t need to carry on with the unoriginal existence of being a house spouse, with dear youngsters, and a loving husband. Song has a craving from the two parts of the bargains. She adores her better half, yet humble community life doesn’t suit her. This contention is inside on the grounds that Carol is consistently at war with her soul. Passage 4 The peak of this story comes in the last two parts. Hymn has moved to Washington and is seeking after a vocation that will help change the city. Will comes out to visit and he brings photos of Gopher Prairie and the encompassing fields. It gets evident now that Carol no longer needs to remain in Washington. She understands that all the time she spent in Gopher Prairie she never gave th... ...s two contradicting feelings to the peruser. The peruser is permitted to make his own suppositions and conclusions on the various circumstances that emerge. The storyteller tells the peruser of Carol’s goals of changing unassuming community America. Simultaneously he can give Will’s sentiments about Carol being a â€Å"normal† spouse. The storyteller is additionally ready to communicate the sentiments of different characters who possess the town. These musings are extremely sagacious and make for a superior comprehension of Carol. Section 12 Embodiment: â€Å"the trees by Sam’s tool store connected as to expend the daylight.† Analogy: â€Å"Kennicott was as fixed in normal as a secluded old man.† Passage 13 This tale was fascinating and yet it neglected to truly grab my eye and interest me. I was under the supposition that it was dangerous and addressed people groups esteems. My solitary idea on this is I’m perusing it in 2001 and the novel was distributed in 1948. My perspectives are radically unique in relation to those of a nation who put ladies on a lower standard than men. I would give this book a moderate rating since it didn’t grab my attention and yet had a conventional point to demonstrate.

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Human resource development in multinational companies Essay

Human asset improvement in worldwide organizations - Essay Example To adapt up to the opposition, they are required to plan and actualize methodologies to build up the company’s HR. In today’s globalized condition, it has gotten hard for the directors to totally dispense with the dangers that globalization has brought. Global organizations face a considerable lot of such troubles in obtaining proficient staff in different nations. Global organizations intend to develop their image name and notoriety. They have to give a similar quality and offices in each nation they are working in. Be that as it may, the HR accessible in various nations bring various difficulties for them. They have to build up an arrangement to amass a workforce which could superbly do the activity the organization plans to accomplish. The idea of repatriation and exile is likewise worth referencing here as the human asset advancement program must think about these ideas. As an ostracize completes the alloted work in the other nation and moves back to the host nation , he faces the alteration issues once more. A total and reasonable HRD methodology should likewise consider these laborers who are sent to another country while working forever in some worldwide association. Objective: The point of this paper is to distinguish the key difficulties looked by ranking directors in today’s globalized business condition in accomplishing equipped HR. The paper additionally centers around the investigates made in such manner. Moreover it gives suggestions to diminish or kill the challenges in human asset advancement and lessen the worker turnover rate in the associations. The examination is planned in such a way, that would help in accomplishing the goal effectively. In the initial step it gives a short presentation about worldwide associations and their place in today’s business world. In the subsequent stage it

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Agoraphobia Research - Free Essay Example

Agoraphobia is a situation where fear characterized with anxiety is believed to enter into certain locations or at vacuum. Phobic in our understanding can be said to be an order that is marked by persisting an irrational fear of any type of object or any situation that cannot pose or bring forth any danger that can be realistic in nature. Today this has taken another direction where it is seen as a disorder that is brought about by fear thus presently known to be a panic disorder. these disorders can be characterized by the ongoing attacks by which they are overwhelmingly causing anxiety that cannot be recognized as it takes on without consent of the culprit thus becoming an emergency action. Written (1998) Research that have been conducted, in its evidence it gives clear support that much exposure therapy can pose a threat which is the major component of agoraphobia. Ignorance by minority of the patients usually does not respond to this in time and may experience tough situations. Therefore, patients are expected to note that their symptoms which come hand in hand with this situation. The symptoms may change throughout the situation. This therefore brings the necessity to examine the different processes possibly through psychological and also self-assessment. (Carpenter, Wyckoff, Trull, 2016) To overcome these challenges, the variability of the data may seem to be so high and may fail to analyze the problem of the research well. Therefore, in order to address the situation well there is a reason to come up with an approach that will correlate with the variable structural. By this clear response which will supplement to the findings of this disorder related symptoms. Many people do fails to manage their symptoms which bring a big change in what they live their normal life, how they plan their activities and how they will relate with others. Despite much effort they always find themselves in these problems. There are risks that come up with this situation of agoraphobia. But on the other hand their male counter parts, psychologically it can be determined that they are suffering and are they are said to be looked carefully. According to the report given by researchers, the data analyzed does suggest that there is likelihood of getting somebody shall once in his or her lifeti me be diagnosis with this situation. The DSM-IV-TR (APA, 2000) gives a report that the panic disorders rates are up to 3.6% of the population that research was conducted on to (Katon, Richardson, Lozano, McCauley, 2004). The method which was used to get this information was qualitative research which was conducted in order to get the concrete and very reliable information regarding agoraphobia. Information obtained was all about one man experience.. This work followed the general guidelines which are followed when conducting qualitative research. (Creswel, 2006) in undertakings the main actual work, a group of male adults who had already been diagnosed with this situation were interviewed. Some of the interview questions which were used required their own understanding which consisted questions on how they relate with other people in terms of relationships, how were they or they supported in copping up with their current situation or past experience and lastly the inner self questions which were relying on the diagnostic situations and time. How they came to know they have the symptoms of agoraphobia. The interview conducted was not oral, therefore use of open-ended questions method took effect on this study. With the help and supervision of a clinical officer and also psychologist who had much experience helped in structuring the questions. Permission was also granted to u se a number of students who were undertaking their course on the qualitative course on research work. They help to edit the questions in order to remove the possible bias in the question which could trigger the panic disorder of the respondent, the male adult. Therefore the expected feedback from the students took place inside the lecture hall. The questions were clearly designed and were validly accepted. The questions that were put into considerations to be used by the respondent can be outlined as follows: At which period of your life did you know about panic disorder? Can you be able to explain about agoraphobia? Were you ok with diagnosis? In your relationship with others, what challenges you more? Do you get emotional support from other people? Are you ready to offer advice to someone diagnosed today? How is your relationship with those suffering like you? Is the therapy offered helpful to you? Any lesson learnt about agoraphobia? From which source? Do you have anything else to share on this platform about your experience with panic disorder? In getting forth promising feedback, the participants were also drawn from mental complication hospitals with the help from the clinicians. Reliable internet sources were also used where the questions were posted online and any willing person could answer them. This helped in reaching out people from different locations. In order to ensure that all the participants were or at one time went through panic disorder, a subtest of the structured clinical interview (SCID) was effected through telephone screening (cacciola, Alterman,Rutherford,Mckay,May,1999) In the research and question administration no one opted to withdraw from this study also going deeper was prohibited to prevent arousing the effects of agoraphobia. The results that came forth from the research work had mixed reactions. Internet usage brought the most reliable results thus was the best mode to conduct research. This is believed to be as a result of privacy as no one was likely willing to expose himself. Therefore it c oncluded that panic disorder persons avoided to be known .only 5 males met the phone screen after responding to the advertisement. Their age mean was recorded as 42.15 and had a range of 21 to 62.some incentives were offered in order to motivate the respondent and give clear information without bias. The forms were answered well and time for evaluation was set. After conducting the study and analyzing the data that was collected, the information that was given back was recorded as the research finding on the matters regarding agoraphobia consideration. Out of this different themes were found and identified after analyzing the data. First, a theme of masculine came out: the respondents showed that they were born to be masculine and they were not supposed to rely on any other person. This is because the research was conducted to male only. And those being people who were too relied in the society and by their families; they opted to deal with their panic disorder alone. Some could not even seek psychologist for counseling sessions. They were totally in conflict with their symptoms as they could not reveal themselves. Secondly, there was a theme of trust: participants considered others as not trustworthy and could not ensure them of their privacy. They drew them as betrayers possibl y the friends, their romantic lovers and also the acquaintances. In matters on relation to revealing their privacy and disclosing about their symptoms could pose a threat to them. Also what would the other people about them, how will they judge them was a vital point here. Thirdly, physical symptoms as a theme came out as a result of the study: not only emotionally but also physical, the patient suffered on. Their symptoms kept on reminding all these men of their suffering from the panic disorders .mostly when their heart starts to panic. This also brought out that most men were suffering stomach ulcers due to frequent panicking and release of digestive juice in an empty stomach lining. Fourth, a theme of isolation was encountered with: the participants described the feeling of being isolated. Also they went through the physical isolation and they just required to move by all themselves. Fifth, the theme of support appeared where two types of support were identified when the interview was going on. This would help the patients to feel wanted back in the society regardless of their fateful situation of agoraphobia. One we have social support which should be rendered through to an agoraphobic person. This is the support from others. Others lacked it whil e others were over â€Å"supported. Other would find it difficult to live and socialize with people suffering in agoraphobia. Also there was a problem on ways of relating with others. There was also the medical support, which was the biggest pillar to lean on. The participants totally relied on therapist for their support also from the psychologists. Coping up skills were highly valued and appreciated for. Relaxing also with it technique was also accorded. Control as the sixth theme was also analyzed: control was the idea with major expectations. the participants extended this to different domains which included how to control oneself. With this in place the participants were expected to control themselves and accept the help from other stakeholders in order to cope up with agoraphobia. In conclusion, the study has brought forth much information about agoraphobia and different experiences that have been seen. The results will be of much helpful to other people in knowing and also accepting their condition. Also we have seen that male are the most affected with panic disorders. Reference: Fava, G. A., Grandi, S., Canestrari, R. (1988). Prodromal symptoms in panic disorder with agoraphobia.The American journal of psychiatry,145(12), 1564. Capps, L., Ochs, E. (1995). Constructing panic. Harvard University Press. Brehony, K. A., Geller, E. S., Benson, B., Solomon, L. J. (1980). Epidemiological data about agoraphobia: An American sample. Unpublished manuscript, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Amering, M., Katschnig, H., Berger, P., Windhaber, J., Baischer, W., Dantendorfer, K. (1997). Embarrassment about the first panic attack predicts agoraphobia in panic disorder patients.Behaviour Research and Therapy,35(6), 517-521.

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Character Of Baba In The Kite Runner - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 652 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2019/06/10 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: The Kite Runner Essay Did you like this example? Baba is Amirrs father and a husband to Sofia Akrami: the most respected women in Kabul. His life revolved around trying to prove many people wrong that had doubted him. Many expected him to study law because his dad was a judge; however, Baba decided to not only run his own business and he becomes the richest merchants in Kabul. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Character Of Baba In The Kite Runner" essay for you Create order In addition, since Sofia is royal in blood, many doubt that Baba would be able to marry such a women. He perceived the world in black and white and decided which is what color. What he believes to be a sin is not drinking, but theft. Stealing away something from someone just stems or branches out to other sins that comes along with theft. He doesnt believe in such religious people like Mullah Fatiullah, referring them to bearded idiots who recited the Quran but doesnt understand a word. In addition, Baba states that they would be in a dangerous situation of Afghanistan where to fill under a self righteous religious monkey. Baba gave Hassan for his birthday a plastic surgery procedure. For example, when Hassan had walked in the house, he was greeted by an Indian man dressed in a brown suit and red tie named Dr. Kumar from New Delhi. This present suggest that Baba has a care and showed sympathy Hassan. Baba states that although it is a weird gift, this gift was a long term gift that would last forever. While Hassan believed that it was not going to hurt, Amirrs reaction was that Hassan was being fooled. Amir related to his past experience with a painful surgery when he got circumcised. In addition, he had hope that he has some kind of scar in order to get such sympathy from his own dad. Once the swelling had stopped the following winter it was ionic for Hassan to smile because it was that winter that Hassan was no longer smiling this foreshadowing a situation. Assef is known to be the neighborhood bully in the Wazir Akbar Khan section. He is the son of Mohammed: Babars friend and an airplane pilot. Assef has a German mother and an Afghan dad therefore his physical appearance of being blonde and blue eyed makes him stand out. Hers famous stainless-steel brass knuckles because of his earned reputation among the kids for savagery. In addition, he was the one that had came up all the names for Ali. HIs political vision is to get rid of all the Hazara with the new president. He wants the Pashtuns to rightly take back the country. He uses Hitler to help create his political perspective but unlike Hitler he believes that the new Afghanistan president can succeed. Wali and Kamal are Assefrs friends who obeys Assefrs orders. Assef and his friends had encounter with Amir and Hassan. This had lead to Hassan threatening them after many rude comments especially towards Amir. Hassan pulled out his slingshot and threaten them to go away. Although Amir could tell that he was in fear, his voice was convincing enough for the boys to walk away. However, Assef threaten that although he is a patience person, he will be back. He commented that his return will be when Amir is alone so they can face each other without the help of Hassan. This foreshadows that Assef will return again in the story when Hassan is not there by Amir side to protect him as he always does. It is ironic to Amir that Hassan can finally smile normally because it was that following winter when Hassan had no longer smiled. Amir wants to tell Assef that Hassan and him arent friends but rather they have a servant and master relationship. Despite almost bursting this out, Amir knows that his relationship with Hassan is than friends, he treats him as a brother but he also acknowledges that he always leaves Hassan out.

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Gfc Case Study - 1415 Words

Mississippi States rival Ole Miss is destined to receive harsh sanctions by the NCAA soon, so we wondered? How do teams respond to their rival receiving NCAA Sanctions? We go to Los Angeles to get our first example of this trend as in 2010 the NCAA handed down harsh penalties to USC including a bowl ban for the 2010 and 2011 seasons, 30 scholarship losses over three years, and vacate all games Reggie Bush had played in after December of 2004. This included the 2005 National Championship USC had won in Miami Florida at the Orange Bowl. UCLA USC The two teams of LA USC and UCLA. Going into the 2010 season was coming off a win in the Eagle Bank Bowl, and had been expected to do particularly well in the upcoming season, however, this†¦show more content†¦UCLA would go on to finish 10-3 in back-to-back seasons, which many would think is an average to good season for UCLA. However, Los Angeles had been dominated by the Trojans and their record from 1990-2009 is a clear example of that. USC played in 13 bowl games in 19 years not counting the two games that were vacated. USC would also win eight conference championships in this span of 19 years, also not counting the one they would vacate in 2005. USC would also go on to win one national championship during that span but would have to vacate another from their 2004 season. UCLA, on the other hand, didnt experience the same level of success. The traditional basketball powerhouse went to the same number of bowls before the sanctions were handed down however they didnt rece ive much notoriety for their achievements as they only amassed three conference championships, which all of them occurred from 1990-1995. The Bruins would also not win a national championship like their inner-city rival did. We take a look at life after the sanctions and this where the difference can truly be seen as UCLA would appear in two conference championships as well as appear in 5 bowl games from 2010-2016. The Bruins also pitched two 10-3 seasons. However, the Trojans rebounded rather quickly from their sanctions as they appeared in five bowl games, but would have been bowl eligible in every season during their sanctions,Show MoreRelatedMarketing Mix of Common Wealth Bank2300 Words   |  10 PagesExecutive Summary Marketing Mix of Common Wealth Bank in the time of global financial crisis . Analysis of bank marketing mix in the time of GFC is the main objective of the study. The Theoretical framework presents a glimse of selected theories of marketing and crisis management used. To get empirical data, interview and secondary data research are used. Introduction The global financial crisis has its origin in the US, but its effect was seen all over the world. In fact in last eight decadesRead MoreLiquidity And Liquidity Risk Management Essay1170 Words   |  5 Pagesmarkets in developed countries are liquid; however, in the US during the Global Financial Crisis [GFC], many homeowners were unable to sell their houses due to declining prices and falling demand, so the housing market became illiquid (Currie, 2011). The GFC demonstrated how volatile liquidity can be and that â€Å"liquidity disruption could be system-wide,† seen by its global effect (Bessis, 2015). During the GFC, there was also a systemic bank crisis. At a bank’s perspective, liquidity is the ability forRead MoreThe Impact Of Short Selling Restrictions On Financial Securities During The Gfc1504 Words   |  7 PagesThis essay explores the impact of short selling restrictions on financial securities during the GFC. Outcomes show that bans led to artificial inflate d prices, outlined by positive abnormal earnings. consistently with overvaluation theory by Miller (1977). The quality of the market is reduced due big ask-bid spreads, volatility of the price augmented and trading activity lowered. These deteriorations may be viewed by regulators as an essential by product of restriction to keep prices while protectingRead MoreTo what extent does the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) Explain the Global Financial Crisis?895 Words   |  4 PagesGlobal Financial Crisis (GFC) is posited to have originated from the notion that all available information was utilised, causing agents to fail to thoroughly investigate and confirm â€Å"the true values of publicly traded securities,† leading to a failure to register the presence of an asset price bubble preceding the GFC (Ball 2009). This essay will use the notions of EMH to determine the extent to which they can explain the Global Financial Crisis using the US as a case study. Efficient Market HypothesisRead MoreExecutive Compensation And Shareholder Wealth Maximisation964 Words   |  4 Pagesshareholder wealth maximisation. Most studies produced mixed outcomes in relations to the matter. In producing a critical analysis on prior literature, the motive has been to converge a succinct view from different authors’ standpoint in relation to an effectiveness of executive compensation as a function of value deliberation. In addition, considered other alternatives, such as board structure in resolving this agent-problem henceforth. In summary, studies such as, Emre (2013) examined the effectivesRead MoreHow Did The Recessionary Conditions Affect The Incidence Of Participation And Involvement?982 Words   |  4 Pagesthe employees to be fully engaged with their work by having more information about their organisations’ activities and increased opportunities to use their experiences and unique knowledge to improve customer service. Given the shocks caused by the GFC of 2007 to 2009 which led to a shift to less stable economic and employment conditions, there was a change in the ways employers used to manage their employees. While some would argue that EIP would fall out of fashion as managers felt no pressure toRead MoreEssay On The Composition Of Capital Inflows1345 Words   |  6 Pagesdecreased from 2.2% of GDP in 2007 to -2.9% in 2008. Also, the other investment part of capital inflows, like bank loans, declined since 2007; nevertheless, it rebounded over than the pre-crisis level and became the major source of capital inflows after GFC. Cho and Rhee (2014) explain the composition of capital inflows by individual country in figure 4. It is easily to notice that both financial hubs, Hong Kong and Singapore, have more than 10% of GDP which was led by other investment part. In terms ofRead MoreThe International Bank For Reconstruction And Development1680 Words   |  7 PagesAfrican countries; †¢ Ensure that the AAA portfolio of the Region is strategic and reflects latest and cutting edge economic research findings from inside and outside the Bank, working with sector and country departments; †¢ Lead a program of regional studies and regularly update the regional management team and the Bank’s governors on economic developments in the Region; †¢ Work closely with PREM, the statistics unit, and economic units in sector departments on regional analytic priorities, and ensureRead MoreThe Global Financial Crisis and Its Impact1820 Words   |  8 Pages1.0 The Global Financial Crisis and Its Impact The recent Global Financial Crisis (GFC) initially began with the collapse of credits and financial markets, which caused by the sub-prime mortgage crisis in the US in 2007. The sub-prime mortgages were given to high-risk lenders (with bad credit history) who were in danger of defaulting, which eventually caused a global credit crunch, where the banks were unwilling to lend to each other. In October 2008, the collapse of the major financial institutionsRead MoreTopic. The World Bank Uses A Multitude Of Corrupt Policies1393 Words   |  6 Pagespowerful corporation to falsify the aid given to those who need it most. Tentative Thesis Statement We want to believe that human nature innately wants to do good, to change the world and save the lives of thousands, yet this is more than often not the case. When an institution gains enough power in a capitalist society, it will eventually succumb to immense corruption that damages those that it had initially intended to assist. The World Bank is used as the primary resource to convey the corruption when

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Issues on Corporate

Questions: 1.Compile a Board Skills Matrix for the ideal recommended board structure for Kate once it is listed. The board should consist of eight members. Explain how you think your proposed board complies with Principle 2 of the Corporate Governance principles.2.Prepare the related party note for Willbed. Explain any exclusions that you have made. Answers: 1.The issue that has been raised in the question is that when Sam and Mack, the founders of Willbed Ltd decide to list the company so that they get a market to sell their shares and collect funds for building the boat. Now for the purpose of listing a certain company the guidelines or regulations mentioned by the ASX should be followed strictly, otherwise the shares of the company will not be allowed to be listed. Thus Sam and Mack need to make sure that the company complies to the laid down regulations. As mentioned in the question Willbed needs to have a board of directors that add value to the company and for this purpose a board skills matrix needs to be created (Clune et al, 2014). Before creating a Board Skills Matrix the necessity or needfulness of the board of directors need to be understood. An efficient board of directors is very important in an organization. The board of directors has direct authority to control the management of the company, therefore can implement and exercise new and improved policies and systems in order to increase the efficiency of business (Trautman, 2012). Therefore the Board Skills Matrix may be prepared in the following way: Board Member Age/Gender Independent (yes/No) Executive (yes/No) Qualifications Experience Description of background Steve O'Neil 43(M) YES YES MBA in Managerial Finance; Phd in Company Manangement. More than ten years experience as an employee and apprentice in the same industry and then experience as a CEO Steve O'Neil has been a sincere student and a talented individual who has worked with much effort and has climbed the ladder of success very quickly. Sam Peterson 62(M) YES YES Masters in Financial Accountancy Whatever experience Sam has gained it is from his own company, Wellbed Sam has been a determined and sincere student at first and a person of principles later. He has a keen eye on whether the boook of accounts has been maintainrd properly. Mack Peterson 63(M) YES YES Masters in Company Management The experience obtained by Mack is from Wellbed as well. Mack has been dedicated to his work since childhood and this has shown in his achievements. Though Mack had been appointed by a different company earlier but he did leave the job in order to set up his own company. Alex Pho 45(M) NO YES Masters in Company Management Alex has been in the company for the past 15 years and knows the tips and tricks of trade. Alex has been the 30% Indonesian shareholder and a key customer. Peter Bravo 41(M) NO YES Masters in Financial Accountancy Peter though hired in the past five years, has experience in the same industry for more than ten years and has a strong business sense. Peter has been the marketing head of the company. Ryan Peters 36(M) YES YES Phd. In Human Resource Management Ryan is totally fresh in the industry and has an experience of total five years. Ryan though appointed as a employee relationship executive has climbed the ladder very fast due to his strong business sense and ability to see things differently. Elisa Glee 48(F) YES YES Masters in Company Management Elisa has been the risk assessment manager of the company for the last 15 years. Elisa being the risk assessment manager has a strong knowledge about the loopholes of the company and the meethods to mitigate them. Julia Brown 32(F) YES YES Masters in Pschychology and MBA in Company Management. Julia has also been a total fresher and has worked in the company for the last 6 years. Julia being a very talented individual, understands the mindset of the employees and is very efficient in handling them. Therefore as the Board Skills Matrix suggests all the members are competent enough to participate as a member of the Board. Each and every board member has an expertise in different domains, thus they will be able to provide valuable inputs in all areas of business. This will definitely add value to the Board and comply with the ASX rules and guidelines (Fadzil, Faudziah and Ismail). The Board Skills Matrix drawn above adheres to the laid down principles of ASX specifically principle 2 and 2.2. The board is built in such a way that it lays a strong foundation for oversight and management. According to Principle 2 and 2.2 of the ASX an organization that is being listed should develop the respective responsibilities of the members of the management and board and the way in which their effectiveness is evaluated should also be judged. The principle 2.2 demands that the structure of the board should be such that it adds value to the organization. The other recommendations of the Principl es are that the members of the board should act with enough responsibility and ethics. The integrity of the corporate reporting should also be maintained. The disclosures should also be published by the Board at regular intervals. All these requirements are met by the above Board Skills Matrix. All the members are enough experiences and know the knits and grits of the company. Even the gender ratio has been maintained and the talented young guns have been given a chance to excel. The members are skilled enough to control the limitations of the Board and plan accordingly. The different members of the Board has expertise at different levels therefore is able to be vigilant on all the aspects of the business. Julia being a student of psychology will especially prove to be advantageous for business. Thus Willbed covers all the criterias in order to be a listed company. 2.The related party note for Willbed for the entry related with Jessica Peterson is as follows: the name of the transacting related party Jessica Peterson a description of the relationship between the parties - wife of Sam Peterson a description of the nature of transactions - One of the farms currently owned by Willbed is to be sold to Jessica Peterson. volume of the transactions either as an amount or as an appropriate proportion - $4 million. any other elements of the related party transactions necessary for an understanding of the financial statements Jessica do not currently have the funds to pay therefore has been provided with a time period of 12 months. the amounts or appropriate proportions of outstanding items pertaining to related parties at the balance sheet date and provisions for doubtful debts due from such parties at that date The entire amount is due for now and an interest will be charged for 10%. This is done as per the standards of ASB 124. The laid down standards mention that two parties can only execute a related transaction when the other party with whom the concerned company is doing business have certain shares in the company or is a director of the company. Moreover the above transaction is done between related parties because the party on the other hand is the wife of the founder. The other three transactions are not covered under related party disclosures. This is because amount paid to SM Superannuation fund does not involve any related party. The next entry related with Jasmine might have fallen under the related party disclosure if she did have any shares in Willbed. As she did not have any share in the company it will not fall under related party disclosure. Alex Pho as no longer remaining a director will no longer be a related Prty to the company, hence not covered (Kanget al., 2014) References Clune, Richard, Dana R. Hermanson, James G. 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